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About Ben Langer

Ben Langer is a 19-year-old aspiring A&R and artist manager from New York City. After joining the Bandier Program for Music Businesses and the Entertainment Industries in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Ben has become the day to day manager for Dubai native, DJ/Producer, Ruchir. Ben’s music industry experience, including but not limited to: work for Ruchir, The Fader/Cornerstone in Digital Marketing, 21st Century Artist Management, managing/updating artists schedules and assisting the CEO with daily responsibilities, and performances featuring his personal catalogue of self-written songs and covers in various venues.  

Previously and today, Langer is a soulful and passionate songwriter, singer, guitarist and music producer who has played in numerous shows in Manhattan and Amagansett. In November 2016 he released his full-length album, “Reach Out”, which addresses the depths of emotional pain, relationships, essential truths and a quest for community. On stage, Ben is charismatic, humble and magnetic, and the celebratory nature of his sound is refreshing to a humanistic audience.

From his own artist brand to work at the Fader and Ruchir, Ben’s entrepreneurial spirit, talent and strong presence will reveal a promising future in music. To listen to Ben's personal work click below.